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People counting system and lan WiFi ir 40m - HPC005 (SG44)
People counting system and lan WiFi ir 40m - HPC005 (SG44)
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People counting system and lan WiFi ir 40m - HPC005 (SG44)

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4 388,39 Dhs /unité
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People counting system and lan WiFi ir 40m - HPC005 (SG44)

People counter barrier type. Installs in access which have interested the flow of people and the system stores the number of people who go through a door or access. Consists of two detectors must be aligned so that a person crossing is detected and added to the internal counter. Communication from the sensors to the base is wireless. The base connects to a computer via USB, WIFI or Ethernet for cable.

Easy installation of two detectors must be aligned to form an invisible barrier to be crossed activates the counter. Recommended mounting height of 120 cm. Distance between sensors 1m to 40m. The sensors create a double barrier infrared which can detect if the person gets in one direction or the other direction. Detects the input and/or went outda people. Stores the passage of persons with date and time information. Allows passage of persons consulted on at the time and day. The data is sent to the computer and consult with management program supplied. Allows control of up to 32 sensors (32 doors or entrances). Function indicating how many people entering/exiting a day, how many people are in the store at any given moment,most types of controls. The sensors operate with lithium battery inside. Possibility to install remote sensing and perform communication via internet. Ideal for control of chain stores, from a central office. Infrared sensor size: 64 x 60 x 25 mm. WIFI receiver size: 109 x 79 x 25 mm. Power supply (5VDC 1A) is provided.
Mots clés: People counting system
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  • Date de la mise en ligne du produit 14/02/2015
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  • Modifié par le vendeur 24/11/2016
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