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Counterfeit Detector with LCD Totalizer multi-currency (MM37)
Counterfeit Detector with LCD Totalizer multi-currency (MM37)
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Counterfeit Detector with LCD Totalizer multi-currency (MM37)

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1 285,32 Dhs /unité
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Counterfeit Detector with LCD Totalizer multi-currency (MM37)

Counter and detector bills Euro (EUR) and other currencies. It is a compact device that should not be missing in any farebox. Model with integrated ticketing counter unit LCD display.

Consists of a device with a slot through which bills are introduced. By introducing a bill, this is detected and activates the automatic traction Move the bill within the External devicesvo and blows it out again. The ticket may be ejected from the front or rear slot slot (user configurable).

By introducing a bill, the device checks its authenticity gets its value (type of ticket) and add that value to the total that had previously stored. Therefore, in addition to checking the authenticity of banknotes sum value thereof within a single operation, which isBox avoid errors.

Specs Accepts Euro banknotes and other currencies. It has button that switches between the two types of currency. Currencies accepted: USD, CHF, RMB, INR, EUR, SEK, TRY, GBP, ZAR, CFA. Tickets may be expelled again by the front slot (in and out) or the rear slot (step through). It has button that switches between the two operationals. Apply three technologies counterfeit detection: metal filaments (MT), magnetic (MG), infrared (IR). Detection technology metallic filaments (MT) that detect the absence of the filament inside the paper money. Magnetic detection technology (MG) that detects the absence of magnetic ink markings. Technology infrared (IR) sensing the absence dand infrared marks. Adds the values of tickets whenever there is a space of more than 15 seconds without introducing bills time since elapsed, the total in Euros is reset to zero. It also has a manual reset button. 4-digit LED display indicating first the value of the ticket that just passed and immediately the sum of all verified tickets (from 0-9999 anduros). 3-digit LED display indicates the error code if any and total proven tickets in one transaction count and verification. Detection speed: 0.5 seconds/ticket. It has acoustic signals to report errors. Size: 143 x 128 x 73 mm. The product is supplied with power supply that connects to the (220 VAC) power grid.
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ID produit: 4781261 | Vendu par Cablematic
  • Date de la mise en ligne du produit 16/10/2016
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