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Cable Stipper Bronneberg
Cable Stipper Bronneberg
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Cable Stipper Bronneberg

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Cable Stipper Bronneberg

Bronneberg Kab-V Cable StripperThe Kab-V is a versatile table top cable stripper.This machine contains the ability to either strip cable with the use of a single rotating knife, as well as a squeezing possibility to even process the thinnest cables.The Kab-V is the first table top machine on the market to combine these two functions.Easy to useEverywhere to usePower pack: Electric 220 VoltCutting capacity: 2 - 60 mmWeight: 70 kgCutting speed: max. 15 m/minDimensions: 600 x 400 x 550 mm
Bronneberg Kab-X Cable StripperThe Kab-X is equipped with a three way cable-strip mechanism.Thanks to the transparent polycarbonate hood the stripping process can be monitored easily.The Kab-X can strip a large amount of cable in a short period of time due to its phenomenal speed of 50 meters per minute.Based on 30 years experienceMaximum safetyOperator friendlyPower pack: Electric 380 Volt - 3 kWStripping capacity: 2 - 90 mmWeight: 180 kgStripping speed: max. 50 m/min.Dimensions: 760 x 610 x 1450 mmBronneberg cable stripper
KAB-90The Cable stripping machine for PVC, plastic and lightly armoured cable with a diameter of 2 - 90 mm. The cable is cut along two sides. This machine is simple to adjust, has an extremely accurate cable feed in combination with a high cutting speed, and is therefore ideally suited to the processing of very thin cables.ReliableEasy to operateLow maintenance costsMore than 3000 units sold worldwidePower pack: Electric 380 Volt - 3 kWStripping capacity: 2 - 90 mmWeight: 180 kgStripping speed: max. 50 m/min.Di: 760 x 610 x 1450 mm
The Cable Stripper Kab-W is a heavy-duty cable stripper for the processing of heavy PVC and armoured ground / grease cable. Because of the single suspension of the wheels it's a relatively light weight machine that's able to strip even the toughest cable. The infeed system and the special developed wheels ensure that even the most complicated cables can be stripped in one pass. The cable is guided over the adjustable knife for perfect cutting.Hydraulic adjustment for different cable diametersMaximum safetyOperator friendlyStripping of armoured CableLow maintenancePower pack: Electric 380 Volt - 11 kWCutting capacity: 30 - 180 mmWeight: 1.100 kgStripping speed: max. 10 m/min.Di: 1700 x 1700 x 1700 mm​
Mots clés: Recycling Machinery , cable stripper
ID produit: 3209279 | Vendu par Pac Machinery
  • Date de la mise en ligne du produit 24/07/2015
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  • Modifié par le vendeur 26/03/2017
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