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Caster Base Camera Tracking Dolly C (ER33) ( )

Caster Base Camera Tracking Dolly C (ER33)
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Caster Base Camera Tracking Dolly C (ER33)

ID produit: 2044356
Cart or dolly for creating effects and cinematic movements easily and economically. It is a base with rubber wheels and which can be attached a swivel camera, flash or any other attachment system compatible. This allows you to mount a wheeled base to a DSLR camera, compact camera, video camera, etc. It offers high quality and unique tracking movements des cameraany smooth surface. It has 4 rubber wheels that grip the surface and 2 axes. Each of the axes has cleat rotation, which can be configured to effect the desired route 360 degree rotation around an object. It is also useful for filming in smooth movement without abruptness. Made of black aluminum and incorporates high-strength high-bearing wheelsquality.

Base with wheels to attach photo and video cameras with appropriate kneecaps. Two configurable axis orientation to define the desired rotation. 2 hole with female 3/8 \\ thread \"for fixing ball joints, adapters or compatible accessories. 1 manual thread 1/4 \"male. Ideal for combining with fixings and multipurpose kneecapsas our model #EL63 (not included) or our #EL9x range (not included). To carry out the demonstration video and photos displayed on this site, we used a ball joint and an articulated braxo not included in the product and must be purchased separately. extensible base. Base size: 170 x 60 mm (folded) and 195 x 60 mm (extended). Wheelbase: 135 to 165 mm.
Mots clés: Caster Base Camera Catégorie: Image et son > Caméras, appareils photos et accessoires > Accessoire de studios photos
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