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Portable photo studio with lights and tripod 75cm (EW67) ( )

Portable photo studio with lights and tripod 75cm (EW67)
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Portable photo studio with lights and tripod 75cm (EW67)

ID produit: 2046375
Kit includes a small portable photo studio. This allows photography of still lifes and home product. components in boxes without any kind of bag provided.

Composition of the photo studio kit
Folding study as 75 cm cube of edge as our reference #EV84. Made in translucent white acrylic fabric that filters light from the outside of estudio. Light can be artificial or natural, but seep into the interior fades eliminating the annoying shadows. The metal edges are flexible, so as to allow folding and unfolding quickly and easily to the study. In Study 4 funds infinite opaque white, black, red and blue are provided. The funds have a velvety hand and a bright. They are attached by adhesive tape to the study by the pairinside you. On one side has inlet hole of the camera lens. Also that same side is completely removable to enter objects into the study. Said one side is attached to the study by perfilería adherent tape. It comes with carrying case with zipper 36 cm in diameter. Set of 2 continuous light bulbs. Each bulb has folding stand, bombina,bulb holder and reflector. The reflector is 15 cm in diameter, black color outside and white inside. It has 1.8 m cable with switch and mounting with swivel to adjust the tilt. They are supplied with light bulbs of 45W, and E27 screw CRI 5500 Kelvin. Aluminum brackets allow a minimum height of 28 cm and 45 cm. Aluminum tripod that allows a minimum height48 cm and 140 cm. This camera tripod has universal thread 1/4 \". Fold size of 50 cm and is supplied with black nylon sheath.
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