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Server rack cabinet 19 inch 9U 620x400x520mm swivel wallmount SOHORack by ( )

Server rack cabinet 19 inch 9U 620x400x520mm swivel wallmount SOHORack by
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Server rack cabinet 19 inch 9U 620x400x520mm swivel wallmount SOHORack by

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19 \"rack cabinet RackMatic wall-mounted cabinet with pivoting cabinet with respect to the wall, peripheral rack height of 9U and external size in mm 620 (width) x 400 (depth) x 520 (height). divided into two parts: pivoting cabinet and wall fixing frame.

Specifications Wardrobe that pivots with respect to the wall, through a system of strong hinges. This allows access to the backof peripherals. Background of this part of 370 mm. The interior frames (front and rear) are configurable in depth, although by default they are installed installed at a distance of 200 mm between them. The distance from the front frame to the bottom of the cabinet (useful bottom) could reach up to 270 mm, advancing the front frame as much as possible. Fixation frame on which the cabinet pivots and which is fixed to the framenet. For this purpose, it has holes in the back plate. This frame also has cable glands (upper and lower cover) and rack 19 \"fixed that can be used as a rear frame or as a vertical frame to attach accessories 19\" shallow (eg: power strips, patch pannel , rear fans, etc.). It has lock to block the pivoting of the closet. 100mm frame background. Supports a pea maximum of 50 Kg in installed accessories. Wardrobe with frame that is fixed on the wall and allows pivoting the entire entire wall cabinet, making peripherals accessible from the rear. The frame has a key for more security. Opening of the cabinet of 120 degrees with respect to the wall. The complete structure and with the vertical guides (front and rear) for the pivoting cabinet, adjustable in depthto adapt to any need. The rear frame has rack racks 19 \"own and fixed, to attach devices on the back (eg: power strip, patch pannel, etc.). Holes for the passage of cables, in the upper and lower panel. These holes for the passage of cables, can be left open or closed with a metal plate. It has a hole in the upper part, for the120mm side fan installation (fan not included). Complete package of M6 fasteners for fixing peripherals 19 \"rack to the cabinet. Holes in the back plate for fixing the cabinet to the wall. Bottom of the 400 mm cabinet (370mm + 100mm). Side panels with removable system without screws, for a convenient lateral access to the wiring and accessories housedyou. Optionally, a lock can be installed on the side panels, to avoid unwanted access. They are delivered to the customer fully assembled and packed, ready to be installed. Manufactured in SPCC steel, painted black. They comply with the most stringent standards and standards ANSI/EIARS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491 (part 1, Part 7) and DIN41494.
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